Babinden is a traditional Bulgarian holiday, celebrated on the 8 January (or in some regions on January 21), in honor of midwives. The traditional word for midwife in Bulgarian is baba, like grandmother. The holiday has pagan origins and is part of traditional family rituals.


Babinden, the midwives' festival

On Babinden Day, all the children born in the previous year and their mothers gather at the midwife's house to perform the following rituals.

The bathing of the children by the midwife, followed by the blessings, the anointing of the babies with honey and butter and the delivery to the midwife of gifts (wool and ritual bread in the form of small pretzels). The ritual is performed to ensure the health of all participants.

New mothers (those who have given birth in the last year) bring bread, banitsa (traditional cheese filo pastry similar to tiropita Greek), grilled chicken and wine. They help the midwife to wash herself and introduce her to new clothes – shirt, apron, scarf, socks, etc.

Then the last ritual is the midwife's bath (performed only in certain regions of the country). After the young mothers' feast, the midwife is taken to the nearest water point (river, lake or well) and is ritually bathed.

Men cannot participate in rituals.

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Today, Bulgarians celebrate Babinden, in honor of midwives. This profession is highly respected because the lives of newborns depend on it. Of pagan origin, slavs always continue to thank the midwives. #mythology #myth #legend #calendar #8January #baba #babinden

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