Dan, the initial chaos

The God Dan personifies the raw forces, the chaotic energies of the original Sea.

God Dan



Although the sea is deified under the name Hou, it is only worshiped by the initial chaos, the serpent that lives there. It is in fact the serpent of the original waters, of the primordial ocean that the Hou Sea evokes. The creative act rejected him to the periphery of created space, where he is said to coil around creation like a snake biting its own tail. And here we join the “ouroboros” of Greeks, which symbolizes eternity, the continuous renewal of time, an endless cyclical creation, in which time “returns to where it began”.

We can therefore think that the end of creation implies the beginning of a new creation whose completion will again lead to a beginning indefinitely. The etymology of Dan (to shake, fury), translates the periodic movements which agitate it and the anger of the primordial Ocean repressed each morning by the return of the Sun, Lisa. The daily return of the sun is the guarantor of creation; symbolizing the initial darkness, as Lisa and her father Ayidohwêdo, the primordial light that springs from it.