The feats of Saint Guillem

Saint Guillem did not need relics like Abbot Arnulphe to overcome the cursed witches.

Saint Guillem

Saint Guillem

He himself went to meet them, it is said, in their lairs, on the eastern slope of Canigou. As he approached, the angry fairies caused a violent storm to chase away the daring one who defied their wrath. But, guided by his angel, Guillem arrived at the pond of Comalada, despite the lightning and the claps of thunder. He found himself in front of the door of an infernal palace guarded by a formidable dragon.

With a blow of his sword he killed the cerberus, entered the palace and dispersed the fairies who took refuge in the gorges of Garança and in the chasms of Cadi. The triumphant Saint built a chapel in the region: it was the hermitage of Saint Guillem de Combret.

But as a bell was missing to call the shepherds to prayer and dissipate the dark clouds, Guillem spoke to the blacksmiths of Valmanya who asked for a high remuneration. The Saint himself took a handful of molten iron, kneaded it and rounded it with his own hands into the shape of a miter.

The bell still exists and you can still see the traces of Guillem's fingers on it.