The woman who ate little

This story is called the woman who ate little. Once upon a time, there was a household whose husband shepherded a herd of goats. The brave man went to the mountains every Monday and only returned home on Saturday. He was thin! thin ! like a reed. And his wife was fat! fat ! like an old oak tree.

the woman who ate little

The woman who ate little

When her husband was there, the wife ate almost nothing; she complained of stomach pains and said that she was really not hungry. Her husband was surprised:

  • My wife doesn't eat anything; and she is very fat; it's weird.

He told the story to another shepherd who said to him:

  • On Monday, instead of climbing the mountain, hide in the house and see if your wife eats.

Arrived on Monday; the shepherd threw his bag over his shoulder and said to his wife:

  • See you Saturday ! Take care ! Don't make yourself sick from not eating anything.

She answered him:

  • But my poor man, I'm not hungry! Just the thought of eating makes me vomit, ugh! It's my nature to be fat!

The shepherd set off in the direction of the mountain, but halfway he turned around and, without showing himself to his wife, slipped into his house and hid in the scullery.

From this observation post, he saw her eating a hen with rice. In the afternoon, she tasted a sausage omelet. At nightfall, the shepherd came out of his hiding place, entered the kitchen and said to the gourmand:

  • Good morning !
  • But why did you come back? she asked him.
  • There was so much fog in the mountain that I was afraid of getting lost. In addition, it was raining and large hailstones were falling.

She then said to him:

  • Put down your bag and sit down, I'll serve you dinner.

She placed a bowl of milk and corn porridge on the table. The shepherd said to him:

  • Aren't you having dinner, my wife?
  • How ! In the state where I am! You are lucky to be hungry! Ugh!

But tell me: how is it that you are not wet if it rains and hails so much in the mountains?

  • I will tell you ! It's because I was able to take shelter under a stone as big as the bread you started. And thanks to this improvised hat almost as big as the omelet you feasted on at four o'clock, I was not touched by hailstones as thick as the rice you ate to accompany the hen you ate. was prepared.