Cuchulainn's Combat with Senbecc

This is the story of Cuchulainn's Combat with Senbecc, from the red branch of the mythology Irish.

Combat of Cuchulainn with Senbecc

Combat of Cuchulainn with Senbecc

Once Cuchulainn was in his chariot on the bank of the Boyne, and Loeg, Riangabair's son, was with him. And he was going around the nine heroes on the river, killing Lind Feic's salmon, when they saw a little man in a crimson robe, a little bronze boat under him… .. on the Boyne, not rowing at all. Cuchulainn took it in his hand with his boat. “You're taken,” Cuchulainn said. “The most likely thing then,” he [the little man] said, “is that I will give a ransom, namely, my coat and my shirt. They have their virtue, namely, they adapt to any man, whether small or large. This one cannot be drowned, nor burnt, as long as they are on it. They don't get old and neither does the wearer, and any color you like will be on them. "They are mine without it," said Cuchulainn. "Take my shield and my spear, and you cannot be beaten in battle or combat, and you will never be hurt as long as the shield protects you. "They are all mine," said Cuchulainn. “They are… my fist. "You are hard on me," Senbecc declared. "What's that little thing with you?" Cuchulainn asked. “A little harp,” said Senbecc, “do you want me to play it for you? "I would be happy," said Cuchulainn. Then he ran his fingers over it, so that Cuchulainn shed tears when he heard the melancholy air. Then he played the happy tune, and Cuchulainn laughed without ceasing. He played the tune of sleep, and Cuchulainn fell asleep and his sleep lasted from one hour to the next. Senbecc returned home, and

Fuair hua Eibricc forsin sruth
itir sceoil and gugud
Sephain Senbecc sal iar sruth
do Coinculaind chostadhach.
Ni hagh a seinm na suainchi
Senbecc na seghsa siancha
for bruinnib Bonne braiche
do dhalta Scathchi sciathcha.
Senbecc ua hEibric a Seghais
is é ro sepaind a seinm.