The War between Fergus and Conchobar

This is the story of the War between Fergus and Conchobar, of the red branch of the mythology Irish.

War between Fergus and Conchobar

War between Fergus and Conchobar

1. After Conchobar's acquisition of the province and after Fergus's exile, news reached Eochaidh Feidhlioch in Tara that his old and new adversaries [?] Had reconciled after Fachtna Fathach had succumbed in battle by Leitir Riogh in the Corainn. So Eochaid went to receive Fergus and he said, “I bid you a big welcome, O Fergus. You will be my guest in Tara and my daughter, Clothra, will be your wife. It was then that Clothra was given to Fergus.

2. Fergus led seven hundred warriors through Ulate territory and this is the route he took: he took the Course of the Chariot of Eugaine the Great (which is called Acaili), the Hill of the Princes, the Way of the Crowd in Tara, he passed through Siodh Ealcmair, through Brugh Meic-an-Oigh through the Black Terra called Tertre des Rois (these are the three kings Mac Cuill, Mac Ceacht and Mac Gréine who reigned over Ireland and on the Tuatha of Danann alternately. It is there that they came to meet and demand the kingdom of one another. For this reason it is called Tertre des Rois), by the mountain of Bregh son of Breogan; he crosses the plain of Muirthemne and the fortress of Dealga (namely, Dealga son of Dubli son of Derg son of Duinmhairg, of Fir Bolg; it is he who built the fortress), Iarrloghair, the forest of Conall Collamhrach son of Edirsgel de Tara (because that is where he was born and raised; previously it was called the Great Forest), the Black Lake, the Cuilionn Mountain (namely, Cuilionn Cosgrach prince of the Britons, who was killed there by Conall Clairingneach) on Boirche Peak.

3. This is where Lughaid Laimheachtach son of Loch son of Conchobor [Máil] the Bald and Eochaid [Mor] the great son of Eochu [Salbhuidhe] Talon-yellow; ; they had a great feast there. Fergus enveloped the castle with his troop and they shouted loudly. Lughaid and Eogan (Eochaid?) Jumped nimbly to the middle of the castle of the kings (or castle of the warriors), …… five hundred warriors, and they disputed the castle in this way and Fergu5 [rather Eochaid] held the castle against him [Fergus] with infinite pain and set it on fire. They surrounded the castle and put out the fire. They killed a hundred men and lost a hundred of theirs. Eogan stayed out on the lawn and they fought, that is, [him and] Eochaid Fear Tlachtga (son of Ros and brother of Fergus) until Eogan was killed there. The castle is then taken and Lughaid is killed, the Sons of Loch too. They ravaged the peak of Boirche, the plains of Seimhne and Latharne, and Lochmhagh, and Dufferin, and Ardachad na Riogh (Plateau of the kings) and the fortress of the Cliar, and the Tertre Sauvage of the If of Aninne (which one calls the Yew of Cenn Chaoth), and the fortress of Roth, the Hill of Arms, the fortress of the Ladies, the Great Hill. This is where Neasa lived. “The one that betrays us,” they said, “let's kill her. Fergus said, "A bunch of women, a murder of women cannot be the start of our plunder or our struggles." They gathered their booty and their tribute [?] And marched in triumph by the Plage de Croisine (which is called the Beach of Baile son of Buan), having the sea on their left and the land on their right. Sughaltach Siodhuigh and Muirthemne's men caught up with them and there was great loss on either side and Fergus brought his armament and train [?] Back to Tara. The. Tara inhabitants came out with great joy and jubilation and the booty was presented to Eochaid as his daughter's dower.

4. As for Conchobar, he was the guest of Eochaid son of Conaing Buidhe at Rath Derg Castle when this news was communicated to him.

He was overwhelmed and the women of Ulster were grieved, dismayed, weeping for Eochaid son of Eochaid. The Ulates asked Conchobar what the retaliation would be. Conchobar says, "It is right to ravage Meath and destroy Uisneach, burn Cnobha to ashes and rampage Tara." Then the Ulates advanced north towards Indhear Glaise and towards Liatruim. Then the men of Moghdorn, the Sons of Durthacht, the Sons of Conall Garbh, and Iomchad and Eochaid and Eogan and Daire Dearg, set out from there to Mount Sulchach in Meath. The fortress of Connra was plundered by them, as well as Ard Samhnuidhe, the Hill of Lugaid, which one calls Taillte, the bed of pain of Nuadha, which one calls Uisneach (it is there that Nuadha Hand of Silver was healed by Dianceacht), the Racecourse of the son of Eugaine, which is called the South Teabhta, the Great Gaolruige, the Marsh of Bearramuin brook (which is called Eithne; namely, the great Dubh-chairbre in Meath ), the Collamhuin of the Boyne, the Sen-Luaighne of Tara, Mal Muchna and up to the Ulates camp above the Lake of the Otter (which we call today the Lake Saighlion). They usually only left small burning red heaps in the land, and triumphantly left after that.

5. Thereupon Eochaid assembled his troops to invade Ulster; namely, Fergus son of Roch, and Eochaid son of Oiremh and Mar son of Roghen, and Lughaid Laoich-nuadh son of Cremthand prince of Leinster, and Duagus the White son of Eochaid Oiremun, and Cosgrach the general of the king of Ireland, and Mál the Soldier. Eochaid the Supreme King made a speech to them and this is what he said: It is great loss and ruin that Conchobar has inflicted on us, namely: the ruin of Meath, the invasion of Uisneach, the sack of Cnobha, the fire in Tara, the fierce attack on Bregh. For you, O Fergus, it is a great insult that a king of the province of Giallchad reigns in Emain Macha. And he recited the poem:

"Arise all of you, O warriors,
Kings as well as great lords.
Defend Tara valiantly (or: your courage is firm)
O son of Eugaine with shining arms.
It's a big deal for Meath
to be invaded by the stranger.
It pierces my heart sharply
let Emain be in the hands of the sons of Rughraide.
Take a firm resolution
to ravage Ulster to the south and north.
Fight Tara - your ardor is valiant -
opulent lords, arise. "

6. Then the army advanced by the estuary of the Boyne and by Dubhglaise (Black Stream) towards the west, by the tumulus of Caoimghin Cunganchnes (which one calls the mound of Eochaid Lethderg), by Maoilinn Muchna and by Boghmann; they passed Mount Togha and Mount Noir, Hill of Breis, and the Ancient Plain, and Eochaid stopped at Rath-Luighne (who was called Rath Laoighaire at that time. It was there that Luighne son Eremon spent eighteen years). They burned and ravaged the land from Rinn Tuaith to Glenn Rosa and from Imlioch Aondarda to Fionn-móin an Cosnamhaig (Defender's White Bog) and gathered their booty, their prey and their hostages and prisoners, including: Fiacha son of Sobairce and Eochaid son of Fiacha son of Feidlimid .. and many others who fell under their blows. The Ulates hugged them close to Glenn Mar and after that Mar son of Roghen and Cealtachar son of Utthechar met until Mar succumbed. (That's why the valley is called Glenn Mar.) When his brother's death was announced, Eochaid immediately began to mourn him. He moaned and sighed, and then he went to Cnocán an Air (the Massacre Mound) and there they buried [alive E. | Ulates prisoners underground, including: Fiacha and Eochaid and Fiacha son of Feidlimid. The Ulates with Cealtachar son of Uthechar and with Conchobar pursued them and killed three hundred of Fergus' men and the supreme king. They had a heroic fiery fight together, and Eochaid was wounded and left alone, lying in his blood. They lifted him up on spear antlers to carry him away. The Ulates returned with a lot of booty taken from Fergus and the men of the King of Ireland, and the King of Ireland was carried to Tara, where he had to be cured for a long time.

7. Fergus returned again to the province of Ulates with a huge army that burned and killed everything before them as far as Mount Fuaid and thence to Muirthemne. There was an affectionate kinship between Fergus and Subhaltach, because Roigh daughter of Athach was their mother to both. For this reason they often visited [?] Each other. After that the Ulates came to Emain, all sad and sorrowful. Fergus moved away from them again and went towards the fortress of the Two Peaks; he killed twenty-seven men from the fortress garrison. Dunseverick was burnt to the ground, the southern half of the province was plundered by them, and they returned triumphantly to Meath. So Eochaid assembled the men of Ireland at Tara; he tells them that they should go to Ulster to take hostages and prisoners, and he says: "the kingdom is incomplete without Ulster". So Eochaid once again marched against the Ulates with a huge army of Irish men guided by Fergus' great experience; and this is the route they followed: Comair na gCath (Rendezvous of the battalions) which we call Móin na Tromdháime (Bog of the Grand Procession), Tulach na Fairgsiona (Hill of the Watchtower), Lochthobar (Lake of the Fountain), Ard-na-sgiath (Height of the Shields), Lochan na Glaise, Raithlinn, Lochan na Comhrainne (Limit Lake) on the border of Ulster and Meath. The Ulates heard that the men of Ireland were approaching them and they led their herds and their goods to Mount Cuilinn and they fell the woods [behind them]. The army arrived at the Ruisseau Noir des Druides that night and they came to encamp and settle there. The Ulates said that envoys should be sent to the King of Ireland to make peace, to give land to Fergus and make peace with him. "Who will go?" »Says Conchobar». It is Cathfad and Mes Deghad and Aimhergen who will go, ”they all said.

8. The three poets set out and are told to demand compensation (eraic) for his father's death for Conchobar and to make peace with Fergus. He would be given: the eastern half, the right of succession to the province, the right to the hero's piece, his hereditary privileges at Emain and a bed with golden columns. The Druids arrived with this proposal and were admitted to the tent of the King of Ireland. They were asked what they wanted and they presented it from beginning to end. Eochaid declared that he would give Conchobar compensation for his father's death, namely: two baronies of Bregh na Boinne, his own daughter for wife, half of the Palace of Mid chuairt, and the foster office of the Supreme King . Fergus was granted the above conditions and he was given the territory which extends from Tuath Innbhir to the Beach of Baile son of Buan.

Here ends the War of Fergus and Conchobar.