Nasa Paez spirits

Here is the list of Nasa-Paez spirits from their cosmology.

list of Nasa-Paez spirits

Nasa-Paez spirits

Ekthe ' (Cpi'sh Where Eakathe)Know space. Thunder It allows certain individuals to become The'Wala, that is to say traditional doctors. He can get angry and manifest in lightning and lightning, but he is also calmed by offerings and ritual practices.
You yaseDesignator of the Earth It establishes the names of people. He is the protector of the territory Nasa, it is responsible for protecting the skin and the clothing that covers the earth.
Weet'ahnThe one who leaves sickness in the past
Kl'umnDuende / pixie It takes the form of wind or clouds. It inhabits sacred places, wild or uncultivated, playing a very important role in economic relations guaranteeing respect for community reciprocity between men and towards the environment.
Daat'iSocial controller. Guardian of the mountains. Protector of the forest, the mountains and the páramos. It is he who is responsible for protecting those who inhabit the forest. It is to him that one asks the authorization to take wood, to hunt and to fish.
Sec or TaySun He gives life and protects the Nasa people.
A'teMoon It is associated with cold energy in relation to agricultural cycles. The stars and the constellations are her first daughters that she had with the sun.
Wejya or Weh'aWind
Owner of the atmosphere.
Yes'Spirit of transformation.
Pxthus or CytũusRainbow It dwells in water eyes, ponds and the best marshes. Pxthus gets angry when "we don't ask permission to use the water, when we cut down the forest around its source, when we go through the eyes of water with dead earth or when the woman has her. menstruation ”.

The list of Nasa-Paez spirits is not exhaustive.