Armenian heroes

The mythology armenian refers to many Armenian heroes: Ara, Aram, Hayk, Ervaz, Karapet, Nimrod, Sanasar and Baghdasar, Sarkis, Shamiram

armenian heroes

Armenian Heroes

  • Macaw the beautiful – A handsome warrior in a war against the Semiramis, in some versions brought back to life through prayers.
  • Aram – Slayer of the giant Barsamin, possibly originally a god of war known as Aremenius.
  • Hayk Where Haik – legendary ancestor of the Armenians, who led a successful rebellion against a king of Babylon named Bel. When Bel and his armies pursued Hayk and his people, Hayk fired an arrow across the battlefield, killing Bel and scaring his forces.
  • Ervaz and Yervant – twins born to a woman of the Arsacid (Armenian dynasty), which are distinguished by features of gigantism.
  • Karapet – a mythological character Armenian pre-Christian identified with John the Baptist after the adoption of Christianity by the Armenians. Karapet is usually depicted as a long-haired shining thunder-god with a crimson crown and a cross.
  • Nimrod – Great-grandson of Noah and the King of Shinar, Nimrod is described in the Bible as a man with agricultural powers and a mighty hunter.
  • Sanasar and Baghdasar – Two brothers who founded the town of Sassoon. Sanasar was considered the ancestor of several generations of Sassoon heroes.
  • Sarkis – A hero, associated with many myths pre-Christians, later identified with Christian saints who bore the same name. He is depicted as a tall, slender man, a handsome knight riding a white horse. Sarkis is able to lift wind, storms and blizzards, and turn them against his enemies.
  • Shamiram – The legendary Assyrian queen who waged war to obtain Ara.