The jar of gold

The tales of Thought contain the following tales: Tale of love, The jar of gold, The princess of the waters, The property of others, The hat which makes invisible, The tale of the rich man, The king and the barber , The Man and the Devil, The Shirt Adorned with Diamonds, Aslanzate and Zanpolate, The Girl in the Trunk, Brother Lamb, Fear, The Lare Domestic, Laugh Well Who Laughs Last, Talou Orlan, Topal, The Revealing Kite, The Hunter Ahmad, The Dervish and the Daughters, The King's Daughter of China, Pomegranate, Nerso

The gold jar

The jar of gold

As spring approached, two brothers had left to plow. One held the handlebars, the other guided the oxen.

These brothers loved each other very much.

While ploughing, the coulter hits an obstacle. After much effort, a jar full of gold is discovered.

Pusher says:

 " Hello ! I found gold! " 

The herdsman says:

Don't say 'I found', but 'we found'.

One says yes, the other no. Yes – no – yes – no! they argue, they argue.

Suddenly, the old man, owner of the field, stands in front of them and says:

 " My children, this field containing gold belongs to me. I give you the gold. Why are you arguing? Pusher, the herdsman with reason, you should have said: “we found”.

Share this gold between the two of you! " 

He says, and disappears.

The two brothers look at each other, amazed at this miracle. The jar full of gold in front of them, they don't know what to do with it.

After a while, the pusher says:

Boy, if I hadn't held the handlebars straight, the plow would have been askew, we wouldn't have hit the jar. All the gold is mine.

Brother, said the herdsman, if I hadn't driven the oxen straight, your ploughshare would have been askew, it wouldn't have hit the jar, there wouldn't have been any gold. Ah! my brother, let's share between us!

One says no, the other yes, no – yes – no – yes. They bicker, practice under a hedge, they fight so much they both bleed.

Suddenly, they realize that there is neither jar nor gold. The old man, to put them in agreement, had removed her from the field.