The hunter Ahmad

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The hunter Ahmad

The hunter Ahmad

The hunter Ahmad, one day, shoots a gazelle, he wants to roast the heart, he lights a fire and prepares to eat the roasted heart. Suddenly, he sees a snake come out of its hole, drop a goose, and come back down.

Shortly after, a filthy black snake comes to stand next to the goose; he hisses, and a very pretty snake comes out of the hole. It rolls up like a ball, rolls around the goose, approaches the black snake. Both embrace, mate, take pleasure.

Hunter Ahmad is disgusted. He shoots, bang! the black snake has its tail cut off, it runs away. The pretty snake also runs away, it goes into the hole. The hunter Ahmad takes his game on his shoulder, returns home and tells his wife everything he has seen.

The next day, two gendarmes turkish come to the door. They say :

  • Hunter Ahmad, let's go, the king wants you.
  • My God ! what have I to do with the king? I am only a hunter; from morning to evening I travel the mountain, in the evening I return home. Why would the king care about me?
  • You absolutely have to come, if you don't come, you'll be in trouble, you'll regret it.

The woman says:

– Man, go! The king of the brave is calling you. If he says to you, "What do you want? I give it to you. say you don't want anything. Just say, "Put your little finger in my mouth and stick it out. " 

The gendarmes take the hunter Ahmad away. They walk, they walk. An imposing gate opens. They enter, and what a sight! a host of indescribable snakes rise before the king, intently staring at his mouth.

– Mortal, said the king, why did you have the impudence to hurt the king's wife?

Hunter Ahmad replies:

  • Long live the king ! I, so distant from the king's wife, when could I have committed such an action?

The king said:

  • You are a hunter, what did you see yesterday? what did you do ?
  • Long live the king ! said the hunter, yesterday I shot a gazelle, I roasted the heart, when it was time to eat it, I saw a serpent's head come out of a hole, it put down a goose and came down again. Soon after, a filthy black snake came near the hole, it hissed, and at its hiss, a pretty snake stuck its head out, it coiled up like a ball, rolled around the goose, the two snakes entwined, coupled, took pleasure; it disgusted me, I pulled, the tail of the black snake was cut off, he left it and ran away, the pretty snake also ran away, he went into the hole. That's the whole story, I didn't do anything else.
  • If someone brought you one of these snakes, would you recognize it?
  • Order him to come, maybe I'll recognize him.

The king nods. All the snakes come out, they begin to hiss. At their hiss, there is not a single snake left in the land. All run up and line up in front of the hunter.

The black snake is not there.

One of the snakes informs the king that to such a place the son of such an old woman has not come.

The king orders that we go get him.

The guards go there, they see that the son of this old woman has his tail cut off. He is lying in his bed, he moans. The guards prevail.

As soon as he sees him, the hunter Ahmad says:

 " There, it's him! " 

The king condemns the old woman's son to death, as well as his own wife.

Then he turns to the hunter:

  • You tell me what you want. Whatever your tongue asks for, I will grant it to you.
  • Long live the king ! said the hunter Ahmad. I do not want anything. I only ask you to put your little finger in my mouth and remove it immediately
  • Ah! let your adviser break his neck! said the king. You ask an impossible thing of me, but what is promised must be granted!

He puts his little finger in Ahmad's mouth, immediately the hunter's eyes open, he acquires other knowledge, his intelligence develops, he understands the language of birds, flowers and plants begin to speak to him , one says: I am the remedy for such and such a disease” another says: and me for such other disease.

Doctors learn from hunter Ahmad all medicines and cures, and this science spreads all over the world.