Ystoria Trystan

In the meantime, Trystan ap Trallwch and Esylld, wife of March ap Meirchion, fugitives into Kelyddon Wood, Golwg Hafddydd (Aspect of a Summer Day), Esyllt's attendant, and y Bach Bychan (the Petil Petit), page of Trystan, taking with them pâtés and wine. A bed of foliage was made for them.

Trystan and Esylld

Trystan and Esylld

March ab Meirchion went to Arthur to complain about Trystan and beg him to avenge the offense done to his honor [saying that he was, from the point of view of kinship, closer to Arthur than Trystan, he March ab Meirchion being a cousin german of Arthur, while Trystan was only a nephew son of a first cousin. "I will go with my family," said Arthur, "to seek either *** or to obtain your satisfaction." »] And then they went and surrounded the wood of Kelyddon.

It was a peculiarity of Trystan, that whoever drew blood from him died, that whoever he drew from died too.

When Essylld heard the noise and the sound of voices from all sides of the woods, she took refuge in fear in Trystan's arms. The latter asked her why she had been so frightened; she says it was out of fear for him. Trystan says:

"Blessed Essylld, fear not,
as long as I'm by your side
three hundred knights would not take you away,
nor three hundred armored chiefs. "

And with that, Trystan stood up raising his sword and marched against the first battle as fast as he could, until he met March ap Meirchion. The latter exclaimed: "I will kill myself to kill him", but the other nobles said: "Shame on us if we pounce on him. So Trystan went through all three battles without damage.

Kae the Long who loved Golwg Haf Ddydd went to where Essylld was and sang this englyn (epigram):

Blessed Essylld, loving gull,
if I dare to talk to you:
Trystan escaped.

Kae blessed, if what you tell me
in your conversation with me is true,
you will have a precious lover.

a precious lover I don't want
for what I told you here:
it is Golwg Haf Ddydd that I like.

if the news you just told me
of your mouth is true,
Golwg Haf Ddvdd will be yours.

March ap Meirchiawn went to find Arthur a second time and lamented to him that he was getting neither blood nor satisfaction from his wife: "I can only see one piece of advice for you," said Arthur: “Send stringed musicians to make him hear their harmony from afar, then poets with epigrams of praise in his honor and thus bring him out of his anger and resentment. "

So they did. Following this, Trystan called the artists and gave them handfuls of gold and silver. Then the chief of peace, that is, Gwalchmai ap Gwyar, was dispatched to him. It was then that Gwalchmai sang this old man englyn.

Loud is the immense wave,
when the sea is full;
who are you, fiery warrior.

Loud are (together) fire and thunder,
whatever they are also separated:
on the day of the fight, I am Trystan.

Trystan with irreproachable habits,
I could not find something to repeat in your conversation:
Gwalchmai was your companion.

I would do for Gwalchmai
the day when he would have the bloody task on his hands,
what a brother wouldn't do for his brother.

Trystan with perfect habits,
if my wrist did not refuse me (his service),
I too would do the best I could.

I will ask for it to soften
and not to irritate:
who is the troop in front?

Trystan with well-known habits,
they don't know you:
Arthur's family warned you.

Because of Arthur I won't threaten,
nine hundred encounters I will cause:
if I am killed, I also kill.

Ladies' friend Trystan,
before going to the bloody task (know it):
the best thing is peace.

If I have my sword on my hip,
and my right hand well on guard,
I am not in a worse position than them.

Trystan with brilliant habits,
whose effort breaks the spears,
don't reject a single parent, Arthur.

Gwalchmai with excellent habits,
the ripple floods a hundred fields:
as he will love me, I will love him.

Trystan with avant-garde customs,
the downpour floods a hundred oaks:
run to talk to your parent.

Gwalchmai with annoying customs,
the ripple floods a hundred furrows:
I will go where you want.

So Trystan went with Gwalchmai to Arthur, and Gwalchmai sang this englyn :

Arthur with courteous manners,
the downpour floods a hundred heads:
this is Trystan, be happy.

Gwalchmai with irreproachable morals,
who did not hide on the day of battle:
welcome to my nephew Trystan.

Despite this, Trystan did not say a word. So Arthur sang this second englyn :

Blessed Trystan, army commander,
love your race at the same time as you,
and me as a tribal chief.

And Trystan didn't say a word despite it; and Arthur sang this third englyn :

Trystan leader of battles,
take everything as much as the best,
and sincerely love me.

And miserable that, Trystan did not breathe a word.

Trystan with very wise manners,
love your race, it will not harm you;
there is no cold between two parents.

And so, Trystan answered Arthur:

Arthur, I take your words into consideration,
and it is you first that I greet;
whatever you want, I will.

Then Arthur made him make peace with March ap Meirchion. He spoke to the two of them in turn, but neither of them wanted to be without Essylld. Arthur then decided that one would have it while there are leaves on the trees; the other when there is none: the husband to choose. March chooses the time when there are no leaves, because then the nights are longer. Arthur informed Essylld, who exclaimed, "Blessed be the judgment and he who delivered it!" And so she sang this englyn :

Three trees are of generous species:
holly, ivy and yew,
who keep their leaves all their life:
I am in Trystan as long as he lives.