Pantheon Odinani

The religion of Igbo is known as Odinani. The Odinani pantheon includes many deities and spirits.

Odinani pantheon

Pantheon Odinani

The Supreme God, called Chukwu ("great spirit"), created the world and everything in it. The world is divided into four interconnected sets:
– Okike (Creation),
– Alusi (supernatural forces or deities),
– Mmuo (the spirits),
– Uwa (the world)

The Alusi (Arusi or Arushi) are supernatural forces that serve Chuwu. Each Alusi has a well-established function and purpose.

There are four alusi (female) who each rule a direction of space: Eke in the East, Orie (Olie / Oye) in the West, Afo (Aho / Ahwo) in the North and Nkwo in the South. These names are also used to designate market days

AGBALA God who can predict the future and dialogue with the spirits of the deceased. A priestess installed in a cave or away from the village interprets her words to inform the villagers who have come to listen to the oracle in search of advice. Oracle located in Awka was very famous.

AGWU NSI (Agwo nsi) Alusi of divination.

AHA NJOKU (Ahia Njoku or Ifejioku) Popular goddess responsible for the yam, the main resource of the Igbo diet, and the women who take care of her culture.

AHOBINAGU (or Obinagu) Alusi of wild life.

AJU MMIRI Goddess of prosperity, fertility and general well-being.

ALA Goddess of Earth, Fertility, Morality and the Other World, Ala is the daughter of the supreme god Chuku.

AMADIOHA Alusi of lightning and thunder. It has a wide variety of other functions.

ANI Goddess of Fertility

ANYANWU Goddess of the Sun

ANYNU God of the Sun

ARO Alusi judgments.

CHI Each person receives at birth a personal assistant or spiritual tutor who stays with him for the rest of his life on Earth.

CHUKWU Literally: "great spirit". Supreme deity of the Igbo. He is the essentially good creator and all that is good comes from him.

EKWENSU Alusi mischievous skillful in trade and negotiations.

EKWU Spirit of the home or spirit of the heart.

ENYIJA Alusi of the rivers.

EROSI Spirit invoked for Fertility and Prosperity.

EZENWAANYI Feminine Spirit of Water (see Mami Wata)

IGWEKAALA God of heaven

IBINI OKRABI Mighty spirit

IDEMILI Alusi of the Rain.

IKENGA Alusi of Time and Success.

IKORO Spirit of the Drum.

IMO MIRI Spirit of the river.

MBATUKU Spirit of Wealth.

NDEMA Ancestral evil spirits.

NJOKU JI Alusi keeper of the yam

OGBUIDE Goddess of water associated with the lake Oguta.

OGBU GHU When his mother died, Ogbu Ghu (hornbill) could not find a place to bury him. He flew for a long time over the primordial waters with his mother's body on his back until he saw two men swimming. He asked them to come up from the bottom earth and he was able to bury his mother properly.

OGBUNABALI Alusi of Death who kills criminals or those who have committed a taboo.

OWUMMIRI Feminine Spirit of Water

URASHI Alusi of rivers.