Athirne and Amergin

here is legend of the mythology Irish from Athirne and Amergin.

Athirne and Amergin

Athirne and Amergin

One day Athirne came on a trip in the fall to the house of her adopted son, Amergin, and spent the night with him. He was ready to leave the next day, but Amergin said, to hold him back:

 Fall is a good time to stop; there is work for everyone before the shortest days. The spotted fawns which are in the middle of the hinds, the bushes of red ferns keep them safe; the deer run down the mounds at the call of the head of the herd. Acorns are delicious in the vast forests, in the fields the stalks of wheat cover the brown expanse of the earth. There are thorn bushes and thorn stems in the midst of the ruined palace; the generous soil is covered with heavy fruits. Hazelnuts good for the picking fall from the tops of old and huge trees into the ditches. " 

Again he prepared to leave for the winter, but Amergin then said:

 In the dark season of deep winter a storm of waves rises around the vastness of the world. Afflicted are the birds of the grassy plains, besides the crows that feed on crimson blood, in the harsh winter clamor; harsh, black, gloomy, obscure, smoky. Dogs break bones viciously; the iron pot is set on the fire after the gloomy black day. " 

Again he prepared to leave in the spring, but Amergin then said:

 Bright and cold is the frozen spring, the frost will come with the wind; the ducks in the waterholes cried out. The bitter shrill lamentation of the crane is a passionate lament that wolves listen to in the early morning light in the wilderness; the birds wake up in the meadows, many are the wild creatures that they flee out of the forests, out of the green grasses. " 

Again he prepared to leave for the summer, and Amergin said, letting him go:

 Summer is a good season for long trips; still is the magnificent and lofty forest, which the whistling of the wind will not move; green is the plumage of the welcoming forest; the eddies swirl in the river; sweet is the warmth of the turf. "