The Battle of Leitir Ruibhe

This is the story of the Battle of Leitir Ruibhe, the red branch of the mythology Irish.

Battle of Leitir Ruibhe

Battle of Leitir Ruibhe

1. A supreme king seized power over Ireland: it was Fachtna Fathach. Because it is to the race of Ir and (that) of Eimir and (that) of Laegaire Lorc that the supremacy in Ireland belonged from the time of Conall Collamrach until the time of Eochaid Feidlech. Eochaid Feidlech assembled a huge army and the provincial kings were put to death by him. It was just then that Fachtna Fathach was making a royal tour of the Ulates. Eochaid Feidlech took hostages in Tara behind him. We got this news to Emain. Feargus son of Roth was half-king of the Ulates and Leide, son of Feargus son of Leide, ruled the northern half of Ulster. Findtan son of Niall Niamglonnach son of Rudraige ruled Dun Da-beann and Conall over Caille Conaill and Subaltach over Murthemne and the sons of Donn son of Durrthacht son of Failbe over the forests of Farney.

2. Eochaid was then in the province of Genand [Connaught] and the King of Ireland in Emain to the north. The information reached the King of Ireland. It was then that Fachtna Fathach told the Ulates to call an assembly. Here are his words: “The men of Ireland have granted you protection from the murder of relatives - and the race of Cobhtach Caol Bregh has risen up - and here is the end of the supremacy of the sons of Ir. "Ah, great king," said the sons of Rudraige, "we have the first rank for warrior valor among the Gaels and for combat among the sons of Mile, as we have been told. esteemed by our ancestors. Let’s be brave and defend Ireland and attack the province of Genand. "

3. The King of Ireland and the Ulates raised a huge army; seven battalions of equal strength of true Ulates and three battalions of foreigners and a thousand guards of the king's people. They walked by the magic palace of Emain and by Druim Raitni (where Raitin, king of Magh Bolg, fell when he came to burn Emain. He fell there by the hand of Eogan son of Donn son of Durrthacht), and by Rath Neachtain, and by the river of Sen-Eochaid which is called Daball (where Eochaid Eolcobar son of Feagar son of Fomar son of Airgeadmar fell), and by Dul na Carbat which is called the plain of Leamna, and by the hill of Breas which is called the hill of Baine (where fell Breas son of Fathemon son of Reochada son of Breasail son of Cirb son of Cais son of Airgeadmar), and by the Black mountain which is called Mount Truim ( where fell Dub son of Horsa son of Eidhisd son of Buidb son of Eileisd son of the king of Scandinavia who came to conquer Ireland). They then took a left hand towards the lake of Laegaire (where Laegaire son of Laegaire son of Conang Buidhe drowned. He had gone to bathe with fifty boys, and a monster agitated the lake so that they drowned). They finally came to camp and settle on the land of Dun Laegaire.

4. The Ulates came to the King of Ireland's tent for counsel. There was Feargus son of Ros son of Rudraige etc., and Leide son of Ir son of Rudraige, and Uislend son of Congal Claringnech son of Rudraige, and Cathbad the druid son of Congal Claringnech etc., and Findtan son of Niall Niamglonnach, and Aengus son of Feargus etc., and Laegaire Buadach son of Conang Buidhe etc., and Irgalach son of Maclach, and Monach and Buan and Fear Corb, the three sons of Cing son of Ros etc. (from these derive the Monach Aradh and the Dal Buan. From these derives Baile Bindberlach, son of Buan, from whom derives the "beach of Baile mac Buain") and Fear Cing and Fear Tlachtca, the two sons of Roch and de Ros son of Rudraige, and Conall Cernach son of Aimergen Iarguinnach son of Cas, etc. (Some say that Durrthacht's family is descended from the sons of Congal Claringneth son of Rudraige and it is clear that this is the truth, as Cathbad said in the quatrain:

"Sons of Congal - their condition lasts!" -
are from Cathbad and the sons of Durrthacht,
and the sons of Uislend with them,
and the real Ulates of Emain. "

It is clear that this is a lie, since Uislend and Donn son of Durrthacht, and the sons of Aengus son of Rudraige had the same mother, as it says in the quatrain:

"Sons of Aengus full of loyalty
are the sons of Durrthacht the fighter.
They were there - beautiful their fame -
reigning over the forests of Farney. ")

There had also come Dumhannach son of Imchad etc., and Daire and Furbaide and Feargus Foltsnaitheach the three sons of Imros son of Laitim etc. They took advice together to decide which coast they would ravage and sack the province of Genand.

5. Cathbad the druid said to them, "I see a cloud forming a veil above you," he said. "Send ambassadors to Eochaid and offer him his choice of a partition of Ireland: may he reign over the province of Genand and may the supremacy in Ireland be yours." " " Oh ! Cathbad! Said the Ulates. “I give my word,” said Fachtna Fathach, “that what our forefathers did not give, I will never give. I do not accept any sharing of Ireland with anyone other than ourselves. So when Cermna and Sobairche made a sharing, it was between themselves that they shared. When Aed Ruadh and Dithorba and Cimbaeth shared, it was between themselves that they shared. It would be injustice to ourselves this sharing now that sharing ***. "" It would be a shame, O great king, "said the Ulates," for, even if the whole world were to rush on you, it is we who will protect you. This man killed the provincial kings and none of them wanted to assist him except the proscribed who accompany him. "

6. The Ulates arose and left their camp. They arrived at the rivers of Sen-Erne by crossing the plain of Ithe (where died Ithe servant of Parthalon). They ravaged, attacked, devastated, burned from the Cascade-of Ruadh son of Badurn to Ceis Corainn. Then they stopped and rested at Druim na nDruagh. The King of Ireland asked: "Have you heard if Eochaid came from the province of Genand?" "He has come," said Cathbad the Druid. “He fought a battle. noon and Airtidh Uchtleathan was killed by him. "Let's send." messengers," said the King of Ireland, "to tell him that he is leaving Ireland or that he book battle. “That is right,” said each, “but who is going to make this request to him? they said. "It is Dub, Dondgus and Diangus who will go >," they said (namely, the three Druids of Duibtrian in Ulster, the three sons of Dub son of Imros etc.). They were sent to confer with the King of Ireland. He said to them, “Where is Eochaid? "To Leitir Saileach above Cruachan," they replied. "Get up and go and speak to him," said the king; "and tell him to cede Ireland to me." Also go to the tent of Ros Ruiadh, son of the King of Leinster and tell him in the presence of his men to remember his yendetta with Eochaid. (That is, Laegaire Lorc and Ailill Aine were killed by Cobhtach Cael Breagh, and Labraid by Melge Molbtach, and Feargus Fortamtail by Aengus Turmeach, and Senna Innarach was hanged by Simon Breac, and Duach son of Senna was killed by Muireadhach Balgrach, and Art son of Lugaid Lamderg by Fiacha son of Muireadhach.)

7. Then the druids went to where Eochaid was, at Leitir Sailcach above Cruachan. It was announced that the ambassadors of the King of Ireland were in the place. They were taken to Eochaid's tent. They were asked what they wanted. They presented their request: that Eochaid leave Ireland or that he give battle to the king and the Ulates. Eochaid said, “I will fight. The Druids were asked which field was the King of Ireland's favorite field. "Leitir Ruibhe's in the Korann," said the Druids. (It was the place where Ruidhe son of Imchad etc., son of Tuamathen son of the man of the two peaks; that is to say the Pic d'Oigle and the Pic de Boirche, because the Kingdom of Ireland was between them.) “When would it be nice for you to have a battle? Said the druids. "Three days from today," said Eochaid; "All my army will be there and tell the king that the race of Cobhtach Cael Breagh has risen again." The Druids returned and reported to the king.

8. As for Eochaid Feidlech, he rose up in the midst of his camp and ordered his battalions to rise as well. What they did to advance without obstacle and without stopping until they came to encamp and to establish themselves on the side of Leitir Ruibhe. It was then that this sentence was heard in the tent - of the King of Ireland: "Where would I find scouts to go to the place where the sons of Rogen Ruadh's son are in order to find out the number of their army? "" We will go. Said Ros; Daire and Imchad, (the three sons of Dolb son of Indolb etc., three great heroes of the marches of Eas Ruadh. Their namesakes were in the Red Branch to which the Taurus belonged, Brun de Cooley, and these descended from the Fir Bolg). They advanced to the edge of the camp, turning the left side of their shields towards the army. Just then a private council was being held between Eochaid and the leaders of his suite; i.e. Ailill, Eochaid and Conall sons of Eochaid Feidlech, and Lugaid sons of Maghlam etc. and the heroes of Leinster, (because it was Rudraige who had killed Crimthand Cosgrach in the company of the outlaws of Ireland), and Eochaid [son of] Innadhmar son of Nia Segamuin (because Breasal Bodibaidh had killed Innadhmar) and Lugaid son of Luagne Luamne (because Congal Clairingnech had killed Lugaid) and Crimthand le beau, son of Lugaid Luagne.

9. Eochaid said, "These are come to seek quarrel and fight." "It is true," all said; "Where are our comrades Eochaid and Aedh and Eolarg?" That is to say the three sons of Eochaid son of Urgalach etc. son of Taidean (from whom descend the Tuatha Taitin) son of Eochaid etc. From these three descend the Mairtine, the Sen-Erna and the Tuatha Taiten. That is, the Mairtine descend from Eochaid and the Sen-Erna from Aedh and the Tuatha Taiten from Eolarg. It was then that they stood up, their spearheads in hand, their brown shields on their backs, and so they advanced to where the other three were. They fought a fierce and terrible battle. And these three good Connaught warriors fell where their three graves are; that is, the mound of Eochaid, the tetre of Aedh and the mound of Eolarg in the Quran. At this news Eochaid remained banned and the morale of the Ulates was increased. That night they thus withdrew.

10. Ulates and Irish got up the next day and came forward to meet the others. Eochaid declared that he would fight the battle only when the Domnannaig came. (It was they who raised him.) The Ulates said they would attack Eochaid's camp and grant him no truce. When Eochaid heard of this, he was troubled and saddened. Then the ensigns of the king of Ireland and the supreme king of the Ulates were raised to attack Eochaid, and Eochaid arose and ranged his army in line. He gave second commandments to Eochaid Aiream son of Find son of Rogen Ruadh, and to Ailill, Eochaid, and Conall Anglondach, the sons of Eochaid Feidlech, and to the Domnannaigh, to the sons of Uabhmor, and to the Tuatha Taidean, and to Corc Cuirn by Meadha Siuil etc.

11. Each attacked their opponent on the side of Leitir Ruibhe and a great clamor arose. Fachtna Fathach passed among the battalions until he encountered Ailill son of Eochaid Feidlech in combat. Ailill fell there as it is said:

"Lathairne the furious and Conaing
fell in the fight,
and Ailill - great fame -
who was the son of Find's son Roguen's son. "

When Eochaid saw this atrocious thing he attacked the Ulate army until he met Ros and Daire and Imchad (the three sons of Dub son of Inndolb etc.) and all three fell under his hand. He met Fear Cinde and Fear Tlachtga, the two sons of Ros etc. and as Eochaid's wrath boiled at the death of his son like the wrath of a poisonous serpent or the fury of a wounded lion, both fell under his hand. When Conall and Eogan son of Durrthacht and Findtan son of Niall Niamglonnach heard the assault of the champions, they rushed fiercely on the battalion of the Lagenians until they encountered the three sons of the king of the Lagenians; that is, Lugaid and Laighlind and Laemach, and the three Lagenian princes fell where their three tombs are at Leitir Ruibhe. Feargus son of Ros, and Leide (son of Feargus son of Leide), and Feargus son of Leide came into battle. They met Fiacha and Fiamain and Forai, three kings from the west of the province of Genand (three sons of Ruigh son of. Daire Domnannach). Feargus son of Ros fought with Fiacha and Leide with Fiamain, and Feargus son of Feargus with Forai so that four of them fell together: namely Feargus (son of Feargus half-king of the Ulates), Forai, Leide and Fiamain . Fiacha fell under the hand of Feargus son of Roch, and also Eochaid son of Eochaid Feidlech, and Lugaid Londmar too.

12. As for Eochaid Feidlech, when he saw his son dead and the battle almost lost, he marched on the battalion of the king of Ireland with one hundred and fifty. very valiant warriors to test their military strength. Those who stood guard around the King of Ireland were: Uisleand and Cathbad, and Aengus son of Leide, and Daire and Furbaide and Feargus Foltsnaitheach (three sons of Imros etc.), and Subaltach son of Roch ,. and one hundred and fifty mercenaries who formed the guard of the King of Ireland. Eochaid distributed all his strength to attack the King of Ireland and each man made a furious assault on the warriors. Eochaid assailed the Supreme King and enveloped him like the honeysuckle envelops the tree. He gave her a blow that took her head off, ut poeta dixit:

"Fachtna Fathach - valiant man -
fell from Eochaid's hand - It was a rough act!
His grave is in Leitir Ruibhe;
its tumulus with the rampart remains. "

13. Then the Ulates, seeing the king of Ireland slain, summoned Feargus to close their retreat and Feargus closed it. Then Eochaid in a thunderous voice ordered to pursue the Ulates relentlessly. They erected the ensigns of Eochaid, the Crown Prince of Ireland, the Provincial King of Ireland, behind them and overtook the Ulates. The first who caught up with them were Lugaid son of Luagne Luamne and Eochaid son of Innadhmar. Three brave Ulate warriors turned around, namely, Monach and Buan and Fear Corb (the three sons of Cing etc.). They fought with such fury, frenzy of heroism and resistance that they fell hand to hand and side by side where their three tombs are on the north side of the Qur'an. The Irish stopped there.

14. The most distinguished of the Ulates who fell in the battle of Leitir Ruibhe are: Fachtna Fathach king of Ireland; Leide son of Feargus son of Leide, half-king of the Ulates; Feargus son of Feargus, son of Leide; Aengus son of Leide; Daire, Furbaide, Feargus Foltsnaitheach the three sons of Imros; Ros Daire Imchad, the three sons of Dolb etc. ; Fear Cinge and Fer Tlachtca the two sons of Ros etc. The most distinguished of Eochaid Feidlech's supporters who fell are: King Eochaid's two sons: Ailill and Eochaid; the three sons of the King of Leinster: Lugaid, Laighlind and Lamach; the three kings of the west of the province of Genand, Fiacha Fiamain and Forai; the three sons of Ruighe etc., Eochaid, Aed and Eolarg, who were slain before the battle became bloody, and who were the three sons of Eochaid sons of Urgalach of Fir Bolg etc. Then arose the Gamanrach, the Fir Craibe, the Dal Druithne, the Tuatha Taiten, the Garbraide of Suc, the Tuatha Catraide and the remains of the Fir Bolg, the Lagenians and the race of Cobhtach Caol Breag, and they walked up to Tara. Eochaid Feidlech was crowned by them and Ireland divided into provinces.

15. Feargus son of Ros ruled the Ulates for seven years until Conchobar was brought up. Feargus fell in love with Conchobar's mother, Ness daughter of Eochaid Salbuide. Ness told him that she would only marry him if he granted her a request, whatever it was. Feargus promised to grant it and he granted it. “This is the gift I desire,” she said, “the Ulster throne for Conchobar for an entire year. Feargus promised to grant it and he granted it. Conchobar reigned a year over the Ulates and his reign was. really prosperous. Great were the products of wheat, milk, acorns and fruits. At the end of the year Feargus claimed his throne again. The Ulates replied that they would not give their kingdom to a man who used them as a dower, and that Conchobar was a better king than he. The Ulates had Conchobar crowned. The latter waged a bitter war against Eochaid Feidlech until the latter ceded to him the compensation (eraic) for his father's death. This compensation included: the gift of the kingdom of the Ulates in spite of the sons of Rudraige, a large portion of Meath. and four of the daughters of the King of Ireland one after the other, namely Medb, Clothra, Ethne and Mumain etc.