The death of Fergus Mac Roig

This is the story of the Death of Fergus Mac Roig, of the red branch of the mythology Irish.

the Death of Fergus Mac Roig

The Death of Fergus Mac Roig

1. How did the tragic death of Fergus Mac Roig take place? It's not difficult.
Fergus was in exile in Connaught after his honor was violated because of the sons of Usnech. For he was one of the three guarantors that had been given to them, the other two being Dubthach Langue-Laesseuse, and Cormac Conlonges the son of Conchobar. They went into exile in the west until the end of fourteen years and during this time lamentation and fear did not cease in Ulster because of them, but there were lamentations and fears every night. It was he who killed Fiachra, son of Conchobar, and Gerg, son of Illand, and Eogan, son of Durtacht. It was through this Fergus meme that the Cooley Cow Raid was led. He performed many great deeds while in Ailill and Medb's house. Three thousand was the number of the company exiled with him. And his mate in Ailill's house was Lugaid Dalleces, namely Ailill's full brother.

2. One day, after valiant actions, they went to the lake of the plain of Ai, where they established their camp and where they made games and meetings. At one point the whole army went to bathe in the lake. "Come, oh Fergus," said Ailill, "and overwhelm men! "-" They are not good in the water, "said Fergus. Nevertheless he went there. Medb's heart couldn't take it and she rushed to the lake. As Fergus entered the lake, all that was pebbles and gravel at the bottom rose to the surface. So Medb went until she was against Fergus' chest and she wrapped her legs around him. And he swam around the lake. Jealousy seizes Ailill. Then Medb left the lake and walked away.

3. "It's delicious what the deer and the doe do in the lake, O Lugaid! said Ailill. – “Why not kill them? said Lugaid who had never missed his target. “Do you want to aim for them? said Ailill. “Turn my face towards them,” said Lugaid, “and bring me a spear. Fergus was washing in the lake and his chest was turned towards them. Ailill's chariot was brought close to him, Lugaid threw the spear so that it passed through Fergus' back. » The blow went to the goal! said Lugaid. “That's right,” they all said, “it's the end of Fergus. " (the text Irish plays on the meaning of the word bruinne which means both 'end' and 'chest')

4. - "It is distressing," said Lugaid, "if I have unwittingly killed my foster brother and companion. - "Bring my chariot," said Ailill. The whole army began to flee, each going ashore, the exiles as well as the men of Connaught. Fergus tore off the spear and threw it at Ailill so that it pierced the greyhound that was between the shafts of the chariot. So Fergus got out of the lake, went up to the hill, by the lake, there he stood very straight, and his soul immediately left him. And his tomb is still there. And this is Fergus' tragic death.