The Story of Tuan Mac Cairell

Here is the story of Tuan Mac Cairell from the mythological cycle Irish.

Tuan Mac Cairell

Tuan Mac Cairell

1. When Finnen de Moville came with the Gospels in Ireland, in the territory of the men of Ulster, he came to where a rich warrior dwelt, who did not invite them to his fortress, but left them to fast outside until Sunday. The warrior's faith was not good. Finnen said to his followers, “There will come to you a good man, who will comfort you, and who will tell you the history of Ireland from its first colonization until now. »

2. So early the next morning a venerable monk came to them who welcomed them. “Come with me to my hermitage,” he said, “it's more suitable for you. They went with him, and they celebrated the rites of the Lord's day, both by psalms and by sermons and offerings. Thereupon Finnen asked her to say her name. He said to them, “I am Ulster men. I am Tuan, son of Cairell, son of Muredach in Red Neck. I took this hermitage, in which you are staying, on the hereditary land of my father. Tuan, son of Starn, son of Sera, son of Partholon's brother, that was first my name once. "

3. Then Finnen asked him about the events in Ireland, namely, what had taken place there since the time of Partholon, son of Sera. And Finnen said they wouldn't eat with him until he told them the stories of Ireland. Tuan said to Finnen, “It is difficult for us not to meditate on the Word of God that you have just spoken to us. But Finnen said, "Permission is granted to tell us about your own adventures and the history of Ireland now." "

4. “Five times indeed,” he said, “Ireland was taken after the Flood, and it was not taken after the Flood until 312 years had elapsed. So Partholon, son of Sera, took it. He had gone on a trip with twenty-four couples. The ingenuity of each was no greater than that of the others. They settled in Ireland until they were 5000 of their race. Between two Sundays, a disease struck them, so that they all died, except one man. Because there is no massacre without someone escaping to tell the story. I am that man, ”he said.

5. "So I went from hill to hill and cliff to cliff, guarding myself against wolves for twenty-two.4 years in which Ireland was empty. Finally old age came on me, and I went by cliffs and wasteland, and I hardly moved, and I had special shelters for me.

6. “So Nemed, son of Agnoman, my father's brother, invaded Ireland, and I saw them from the cliffs and avoided them. And I was shaggy, clawed, withered, gray, naked, miserable, miserable. So one night, as I was sleeping, I saw myself taking the form of a deer. In this guise I was young and with a happy heart. It is then that I say these words: "

Without strength today is Senba's son,
He was devoid of vigor,
Without beautiful fame with its renewed strength.
Senba's son is old.

These men from the east
With their spears that give bravery,
I don't have the strength in my hands or feet
To avoid them.

Starin, dreadful is man,
I fear Scemel with the white shield,
Andind won't save me, though he's good and fair,
If it was Beoin, ***

Although Beothach would leave me alive,
Cacher's brutal struggle is hard,
Britan acquires valor by his spears,
Fergus has a fit of fury.

They come to me, O sweet Lord,
The descendants of Nemed, son of Agnoman,
Energetically they lie waiting for my blood
To give me my first injury.

So grew on my head
Two antlers with three score points,
So that I'm rude and gray in shape
After that my time is gone from weakness.

7. “After that, during my time in deer form, I was the master of the herds of Ireland, and everywhere I went there was a large herd of deer with me. This is how I spent my life during the time of Nemed and his descendants. When Nemed came with his fleet to Ireland, their number was thirty-four ships, to thirty per ship, and the sea led them astray for a year and a half to the Caspian Sea, and they were overwhelmed and died of hunger and thirst, apart from four couples with Nemed. Subsequently, his breed increased and had offspring until there were 4030 pairs. However, they all died.

8. “So finally old age came upon me, and I fled from men and wolves. Once, as I was in front of my cave - I still remember it - I knew I was shifting from one shape to another. So I passed in the form of a wild boar. That's when I say:

A boar I am today among the herds,
I am a mighty lord with great triumphs,
He put me in the marvelous sorrow,
The King of all, in many forms.

The morning I was in Dun Bré,
Fighting against old wise men
Belle was my troop across the water,
A magnificent army followed us.

Mine, they were fast
Among the armies in vengeance,
They would have thrown my spears alternately
On Fál's warriors on either side.

When we were in our assembly
Deciding the judgments of Partholon,
Sweet to all was what I said
These were the words of the real openness.

Pleasant was my brilliant judgment
Among the women of beauty,
Majestic was my sparkling chariot,
Sweet was my song through a dark road.

Fast were my steps without wandering
In battles from the outset,
Beautiful was my face one day
Although today I am a boar.

9. “In this form,” he said, “I was truly, young and in a cheerful spirit. And I was king over all the wild boar troops of Ireland, and I always visited my house when I came to this land of Ulster in the time of my old age and my decrepitude; because in this same place I passed in all these forms. Therefore I always visited this place to await the revival.

10. “On this Semion, the son of Stariath, seized this island. From him descend the Fir Domnann, and the Fir Bolg, and the Galuins; and these inhabited this island while they were in Ireland. Then old age came upon me, and my mind was sad, and I was unable to do anything that I used to do before, but I was alone in dark caves and in sidelined cliffs.

11. “So I went to my own home. I remembered all the forms I had taken before. I fasted for three days as I always have. I had no strength left. Whereupon I took the form of a large hawk. So my mind rejoices again. I could do anything. I was impatient and vigorous. I would have flown across Ireland; I would have discovered anything. That's when I say:

A hawk today, a boar yesterday,
***. wonderful inconsistency!
Dearer to me every day
God, the friend who gave me shape.

Many descendants of Nemed
Without obedience ***. to the real king,
Reduced today is the race of Sera;
I don't know what is the cause.

Among herds of wild boar I was,
Although today I am among the birds;
I know what will happen to it:
I will always be in another form.

Wonderfully arranged my beloved God
From me and the children of Nemed;
They at the will of the demon of God,
While, for me, God is my help.

12. “Beothach, son of Iarbonel the prophet, seized this island at the expense of those who occupied it. It is from him that come the Tuatha Dé and Andé, of which the scientists do not know the origin, but it seems to them probable that they came from the heavens, taking into account their intelligence and the excellence of their knowledge.

13. "So for a long time I was in the form of a hawk, so I outlived all those races that invaded Ireland." However, the sons of Mil took this island from the Tuatha Dé Danann by force. So I was in the form of the hawk that I had been, and I was in the hollow of a tree by a river.

14. “There I fasted for three days and three nights, then sleep fell on me, and I immediately passed in the shape of a river salmon. So God put me in the river so that I was there. Once again I felt happy and vigorous and well fed, and my swim was good, and I regularly escaped dangers and nets - namely, from the hands of fishermen, talons of hawks, and spears to fish - so all the scars that everyone left are still on me.

15. “Once, however, when God, my help, judged the time to come, as the beasts pursued me, and every fisherman in every waterhole knew me, the fisherman of Cairell, the king of this land, grabbed me and carried me to Cairell's wife who craved fish. I remember it well; the man put me on a grill and started to brown. And the queen wanted me and ate me whole, so that I was in her womb. I still remember when I was in her womb, and what everyone said to her in the house, and what was done in Ireland at that time. I also remember when the word came to me, as it comes to every man, and I knew all that had been done in Ireland. And I was a prophet; and a name was given to me - namely, Tuan, son of Cairell. It was then that Patrick came to bring the faith to Ireland. So I was of a great age; and I was baptized, and alone I believed in the King of all things by his rudiments. '

16. So they celebrated mass and went to the refectory, Finnen with his disciples and Tuan, after he had told them these stories. And there they stayed a week conversing together. Every story and every genealogy that there is in Ireland, it is from Tuan, son of Cairell, that its origin comes. He had conversed with Patrick before them, and had told him everything; and he had conversed with Colum Cille, and prophesied to him in the presence of the people of the country. And Finnen offered to stay with him, but he couldn't get her to agree. “Your house will be famous until the Last Judgment,” said Tuan.