The Little Rich House Festival

Below is the story of The Conception of Cuchulainn of the red branch of the mythology Irish, also called: The Feast of the Unrich House.

The Little Rich House Festival

The Little Rich House Festival

Dechtiré, Conchobar's sister, fled one day with fifty young girls, without asking permission from the Ulates or Conchobar; no trace or clue was found, and we remained like that for three years without knowing anything about them. They then came in the form of birds in the plain of Emain; and there they devoured everything, leaving not a blade of grass on the earth. Great was, at this sight, the grief of the Ulates. They harnessed nine chariots to pursue the birds; for the hunting of birds was in use among them. There were Conchobar and Fergus, Amorgin and Blai Briuguig, Sencha and Bricriu.

The birds flew past them to the south, beyond Sliab Fuait, through Ath Lethan, through Ath Garach and Mag Gossa, between Fir Roiss and Fir Ardai. Then night fell on the warriors of Ulster; the flock of birds disappeared: the Ulates unhitched their chariots. Fergus sought shelter, and came to a small house. In this house he found a man and a woman, who welcomed him… “You will come into the house with your companions, and they will be welcome. Fergus then went out and joined them; then he brought them all back with him, the men with their chariots, and they entered the house.

Bricriu then got out, and heard something, a faint whine. He heard that noise, and didn't know what it was. He then came, guided by the noise, towards the house, and saw it in front of him, tall, beautiful, magnificent. He walks over to a door he notices in the house, and peeks inside. He sees the master of the house. The latter, a young warrior, handsome, with a noble air, addresses him. "Come into the house, Bricriu," he told her; "Why are you looking this way? "-" For me, of course, "said the woman," You are welcome here. "-" Why does your wife greet me? Said Bricriu. - "It is because of her that I too welcome you," said the man. "Don't you miss anyone in Emain?" "-" Certainly, yes, "said Bricriu. “We are missing fifty young girls, and for more than three years. "-" Would you recognize them if you saw them? Said the man. - "If I did not recognize them," said Bricriu, "it is because three years more or less prevent us from recognizing, or make us hesitate. - "Seek to recognize them," replied the man; “The fifty young girls are in this house; this woman who is here in my power is their mistress: her name is Dechtiré. It is they who, changed into birds; went to Emain Macha, to urge the Ulates to come here. The woman gave Bricriu a purple coat with gold fringes; and he went out to join his companions. Bricriu, during the journey, thinks thus in his mind: "Conchobar would give considerable treasures to find the fifty lost young girls." I'm going to hide from her that I found them with her sister. I will only say that I saw a house with beautiful women, and nothing more. Conchobar asked Bricriu for news of his exploration. "What news are you bringing back, O Bricriu?" "-" I arrived at a shiny, beautiful house (?) "He replied. “I saw a queen, noble, graceful, truly royal in appearance, with beautiful curls of hair; then a troop of women, beautiful, well dressed; and the master of the house, generous and brilliant. "-" He is my vassal, "said Conchobar; “This man depends on me, he lives in my territory. Let his wife come and sleep with me tonight. But no one was found to take charge of this negotiation, except Fergus. The latter explained the request he had been instructed to make. They welcomed him, and the woman came to find him: she complained of being childish. Fergus returned to tell Conchobar that she was asking for a delay. Then each of the Ulates went to bed with his wife, and they all fell asleep. When they awoke, they saw something: a small child who had the features (?) Of Conchobar. "Take this child with you, Finnchoem," said Conchobar.

Finnchoem saw the child with Conchobar. "My heart already loves this little child," she said; "He will be to me another Conall the Triumphant." - "There is little difference between them," said Bricriu; “This child is the son of your own sister Dechtiré: because it is here that the fifty young girls who have been absent from Emain for three years are. And then Conchobar sang the following:

Famous, powerful, yet poor,
Good was Dechtiré for me.
She protected me with my seven tanks.
She chased the cold away from my horses.
She restored us with all the warriors.
Then a treasure came to us, Setanta.

"Take the child with you, Finnchoem," Conchobar repeated to his sister. - "It is not she who will raise him," said Sencha; " it's me. Because I am strong, I am skilful, I am skilled in combat. I am a scholar, I am a sage, I am not forgetful. I speak to anyone in front of the king. I watch over his word. I judge the king's battles before Conchobar victorious. I am a judge of the Ulates; but it is not I who carry out my decisions. No one has the right to dispute my guardianship, except Conchobar. "-" If I am the one raising the child, "said Blai Briuguig," he will not have to suffer either neglect or lack of care. It is my messengers who fulfill Conchobar's desires. I summon the warriors of a whole Kingdom of Ireland. I can feed them for a week, or even for ten days. I take care of their business and their quarrels. I rescue their honor, I avenge their insults. "" What impudence, "replied Fergus; "*** I will raise the child." I am strong, I am skillful. I am the king's messenger. No one can fight with me for honors or riches - I am hardened in fighting and in war. I am a good worker. I am worthy to have wards. I am the protector of all the unfortunate. I am the terror of the strong, the support of the weak .. ”-“ Hey, what? now you are going to listen to us, "said Amorgen," since at last you are silent. I am able to feed my wards like royalty. They praise in me honors, bravery, courage, wisdom; they praise my happiness, and my age, my eloquence, my brilliance, the valor of my race. Although a warrior, I am a poet. I am worthy of the king's favor. I triumph over all the warriors fighting in their chariots. I give thanks to no one except Conchobar; I obey no one but the king. - "*** Let Finnchoem," said Sencha, "keep the child until we are in Emain; Morann will make a decision about it when we get there. The Ulates then left for Emain, Finnchoem having the child with her. And after their arrival, Morann pronounced judgment: "It is for Conchobar," he said, "to make the child famous: for he is a close relative of Finnchoem. It is up to Sencha to teach him speech and eloquence; to Blai Briuguig to take care of his food; for Fergus to carry it on his knees. Amorgin will be his tutor; he will be brought up with Conall the Triumphant: Finnchoem, Conall's mother, has two teats. The child will be praised by all, charioteers and warriors, kings and scholars; for he will be loved by a multitude of men. This child will avenge all your insults; and he will fight on your fords; he will fight all your fights. And so was done. Amorgin and Finnchoem took the child, who was brought up in the fortress of Breth, in the plain of Murthemne. End.