Brother lamb

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Brother lamb

Brother lamb

Once upon a time there was a brother and a sister. Their mother made them a barley pancake, put it in front of them and went to the fields. A sparrow lands on the tree, it chirps and says:

 » cui, cui, cui,give me a small piece of cake to eat. I have a misfortune to tell you, do you prefer it big or small? " 

 "Let it be a small misfortune, said the girl, because a big one, we could not bear it".

Shortly after, the children's mother dies. Their father takes a new wife.

This stepmother mistreated the children, she beat them, did not give them food. One day she said to her husband:

 “Take your children to the field and sacrifice them. Wheat will grow well. " 

The girl, having heard these words, takes her little brother and runs away. They walk a long, long time. The brother is thirsty. It had rained, and in hoof prints there was still water:

  • Little sister, I'm dying of thirst, can I drink the water from the buffalo's feet?
  • No, little brother, don't drink! you would become a buffalo!

They go away, they walk again. The brother sees water in the footsteps of a lamb; without saying anything to his sister, he kneels down and drinks. Having drunk, he becomes a lamb.

The sister advances, the little lamb trots behind her. After a long walk, they arrive at the edge of a pond, they drink; the brother grazes the grass, the sister goes up to rest in a tree.

At daybreak, the king's servants take the horses to the pond to drink. The horses back away, they don't want to drink. The men look up, they see a young girl in the tree, her reflection shone in the water. They are going to inform the king's son. The prince arrives, he sees a celestial beauty sitting in the tree, he brings her back to the palace and takes her as his wife.

The prince had a servant who was very jealous of the young woman. One day she said to him:

 “Mistress, let's go to the seaside, I'll give you a bath. " 

They go to the edge of the sea. The young woman undresses, she squats in front of the servant, the latter, with a kick, sends her diving into the sea. The waves carry her to an island.

The servant puts on her mistress's clothes, she wraps herself in the charshaf from head to toe, she goes home, she goes to bed moaning. She pretends to be sick.

 "Prince, I'm dying, give me a remedy!" " 

Although the prince gives her all the remedies and medicines in the country, the woman continues to moan.

 Prince, said the liar, I know the remedy I need. Go kill my little lamb, feed me its meat and I will recover. " 

The beadle, who was going to ring the bells for the first mass, hears a song carried away by the sea wind:

 " Ah! beadleIf you love your god, If you call for mass, You will go and tell the king's son That his arm stops, That his knife becomes dull, That he does not strike my little lamb. " 

The beadle goes to see the king's son:

  • Long live the prince, he said. And he tells what he heard.

The king's son sends swimmers. They fetch the young woman and bring her back. The girl tells the story of what happened to her, the king's son has the servant tied to the tail of a horse and lets it loose towards the mountain.

Three apples fell from the sky: one for the king's son, one for his wife and one for the little lamb brother.