Talou Orlan

The tales of Pensé contain the following tales: Talou Orlan, Tale of love, The golden jar, The princess of the waters, The property of others, The hat that makes you invisible, The tale of the rich man, The king and the barber, The man and the devil, The shirt adorned with diamonds, Aslanzate and Zanpolate, The girl in the chest, Brother lamb, Fear, The domestic lare, He who laughs last laughs best, Topal, The revealing kite, The hunter Ahmad, The dervish and the girls, The daughter of the king of China, Pomegranate, Nerso

Talou Orlan

Talou Orlan

Talou Orlan took his staff, mounted his horse, went in front of the king's palace and shouted:

  •  “Run away! my horse will attack and crush you! " 

At the end, the king said to his daughter:

  •  This boy is nuts, don't you think? " 

The girl says:

 He's not crazy, he's smart. " 

The king said:

 “Since he is not crazy and he is intelligent, I marry you to this boy! " 

The word of the king is sacred. We give the girl to the boy.

Barely married, the king's daughter has Talou Orlan thrown to the ground, takes her stick and starts hitting her with all her might.

 King's daughter, said the boy, why did you beat me? " 

 I beat you, said the girl, so that you never tell lies, so that you always tell the truth. " 

The merchants of this city formed caravans every year which went to China, India, Arabia, Damascus and Aleppo, for business, sales and purchases. On their way, there was only one well. Whoever went down there never came out unscathed.

That is why every year they hired a man, gave him viaticum and took him with them to draw water for themselves and their camels.

The King's Daughter says:

 “Talou Orlan, you are going with the caravan of merchants, beware if you are telling a lie! " 

She takes the viaticum, and sends her husband with the merchants.

The caravan sets off. They walk, they walk, they arrive near the well. They lay down the burdens. They lower Talou Orlan into the well. There he sees a handsome young man standing next to a toad. Both stare at each other.

The young man says:

 » Talou Orlan, how do you like my toad? I like it; and to you?

Talou Orlan hesitates, then he understands.

 My dear, he said, how could I pretend that this toad is pretty? " 

At this moment, the recommendation of the king's daughter comes to mind. He adds tremblingly: “Kankoul sévane kozal olour” (What the heart loves looks beautiful)

At these words, the spell is broken, the skin of the toad is torn, and a girl comes out, beautiful as the day,Impossible to describe with language Impossible to buy with money.

If Talou Orlan had not quoted this saying, the toad would have remained a toad, and he himself would have remained in the well and would have died.

He draws water, as much as it takes. The girl gives him two grenades and says:

 » Talou Orlan, take care of these pomegranates, they contain valuable pearls. " 

The traders thought that Talou Orlan had remained at the bottom of the well, that he was dead. What was their surprise to hear him shout:

 » Get me out! " 

Talou Orlan leaves; the caravan sets off again.

He meets a caravanner he knew. He tells him :

 "Will you, please, take these grenades to the king's daughter and tell her that Talou Orlan has come out of the well safe and sound, and that he has left with the caravan?" " 

For a year, or even two, he accompanies the caravan, he crosses many countries, he sees many cities. Finally, he comes home.

They open the pomegranates; oh surprise! instead of grains, they see pearls, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. They sell them, they buy houses, properties, they plant fruit trees, they build a palace, they encrust two rubies above the entrance. When the sun hit them, they lit up the seven paths around them.

One day, the king sees that there is in his city a more sumptuous palace than his.

 I wonder, he said, who is this merchant who owns such a palace, and what sparkles like this on its facade? " 

He sends someone to invite this trader. He receives it very kindly. They eat, they drink. At the moment of leaving, the trader says:

 " Long live the king ! Please come and visit me with all your entourage. " 

The king, with his court, goes to the merchant. They eat, they drink, they rejoice.

When the meal is over, the merchant's wife comes and kisses the king's hands, places two priceless precious stones in front of him and says:

 " Father, long live the king! you recognize me ? I am your daughter, and this is my husband, Talou Orlan! "